Steven WeburgAssociates in Occupational Studies Degree in Gunsmithing
Colorado School of Trades
Certified CNC operator 
Areas of study:
Cycle of operations in various types of firearms,
 firearm repair and customization,Chambering barrels, crowning muzzles, carving gun stocks from a blank, gun stock refinishing, metal refinishing and bluing (both hot salt and slow rust blue), glass bedding gunstocks, pistol sight installation, complete DCOA’s (disassemble, clean, oil, assemble) of a wide variety of firearms.
Member of NRA

Steven is the full time gunsmith employed at Blackside Tactical. As a recent graduate of the Colorado School of Trades, he uses every opportunity to further his knowledge of firearms. Steven uses his education to properly repair and refinish any firearm brought into the shop. He specializes in firearms both new and old. Whether it is repairing an old 1911 or building a custom AR-15 from the ground up, Steven can take care of the job. Also he works as a sales associate in the front of the shop and enjoys helping customers select each and every part and accessory for their firearm, so at the end of the build the customer will leave with the gun of their dreams. Teaching the AR-15 Builders Course is a way that he can pass on some great information to the individuals interested in having a better understanding of how their rifle works and moving forward with the confidence to rebuild and customize their gun for years to come.  

Frank Mays JrActive Duty Law Enforcement Officer
CJSTC Certified Firearms Instructor
Tactical Shotgun Instructor
Patrol Rifle Instructor
Live Fire Shoot House Instructor
CJSTC certified Field Training Officer
CJSTC certified General Instructor
NRA Lifetime Member

Frank is a full time law enforcement officer in Brevard County and a part time employee of Blackside Tactical. He is a State of Florida certified Firearms Instructor, General Instructor and Field Training Officer. He is also a certified Live Fire Shoot House Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor and Tactical Shotgun Instructor and holds or has held Armorer certifications for multiple different firearms. In his capacity as an agency instructor he is experienced in teaching; Tactical Auto Pistol, Basic Patrol Rifle, Advanced Patrol Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, Building Clearing & Active Shooter, Tactical Shield Operations, Unknown Risk Traffic Stops, High Risk Traffic Stops, Self Defense Through Tactical Shooting Course, Low light Operations, Firearms Familiarization and Lawful Possession of Firearms by Citizens. Outside of the agency Frank is a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association and has been teaching concealed firearm license classes and firearms handling skills for a number of years.

Christopher SmithCertified Law Enforcement Officer                 
(FSIC) Formal School Instructor                          
Combat Instructor                                                
Certified Firearms Instructor For:
(Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, M249, M240, M2, MK 19, M203,Sig Sauer P320, Sig Sauer 229, Sig Sauer 226 and the 1911)
Marine Corps Martial Art Program Black Belt Instructor       
Military Operation in Urban Terrain Instructor     
NRA Pistol Instructor
Certified Sig Sauer Armorer
Certified International Firearms Specialist

Christopher has had a distinguished career in the United States Marine Corps for thirteen Years.  Achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (E-7).  Career started as a Rifleman, Team Leader and Squad Leader for 3rd battalion 7th Marines. He then received orders to the 1st Marine Corps Recruiting District where he served as a recruiter for a period of two years. Following his time as a recruiter, he moved to 3rd Battalion 8th Marines where he deployed to Haiti in 2004 and conducted combat operation “Secure Tomorrow”. Upon returning from deployment to Haiti, Christopher then deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II & III. After completing his combat tours, Christopher was assigned to a special duty assignment as a Combat Instructor. His billets included Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Commander, and Chief instructor of Military Operations in Urban Terrain. He then continued his tour with the infantry and was sent to 3rd Battalion 6th Marines. While he was with 3/6 he served as a Platoon Sergeant for two different companies and a weapons company. After his tour at 3/6, Christopher was then sent to work at a higher echelon at the Regimental level. Christopher next assignment was the Regimental Training Chief for 6th Marine Regiment. During his time in the Marine Corps, After Christopher’s Career in the Military, He became a certified Police Officer with the Lynchburg Police Department in Virginia and with the Titusville Police Department in Florida.  Christopher is now one of Blackside Tactical Team as a full-time employee. His Billets include Training Instructor, Armor, Sales.