Each course period provides six individuals the opportunity to engage multiple “zombie” targets in several phases with a variety of weapon systems. Shooters will be briefed on each phase and accompanied by qualified Range Safety Officers.
This location will be a live fire event with the pistol. Students will clear the area of all infesting zombies in the search for pre-staged shotguns and food.
Students will enter the mobile portion of the course. They will mount a vehicle as the passenger along with an RSO driver and backseat RSO. Shooters will be driven through a pre-determined course to engage targets.
At this location, all students will clear the zombie infested area using hand-held weapons. The students must find the weapons cache somewhere within the designated area while eliminating any threats with the hand-held weapons.
Students have now entered the shotgun phase. They are tasked with eliminating zombies infecting this portion of the course with extreme shotgun prejudice.
The final phase of the course. Students will attempt to engage zombie targets with a long-gun out to distances of 500 yards...finally ridding the area of the last remaining infestation.
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